MetalPack hand closing machine, type 227

MetalPack hand closing machine, type 227

The hand closer Type 227* is specially designed for closure of  aluminium trays. The use of a special, patented mechanism ensures that the control force is increased 50 times resulting in a rapid and virtually leak-proof closure. Because of its small size and weight and the fact that no electricity is needed, the machine is easily applicable at many places. Self-lubricating bearings and the use of stainless materials ensures the maintenance of the machine to a minimum.

* Type 160 specific for smaller trays
* Patented




Single piece to medium series

Number of closures

Depending on the skills of the user, faster than comparable hand closing machines


Top plate of hard anodized aluminium impregnated with PTFE.
This wear resistant, corrosion resistant and maintenance free. The other components are made of aluminium, plastic, stainless steel or nickel-plated steel.


It is recommended to clean the machine by hand.


The preformed lid will be tightly curved around the aluminium tray.
At the same time, a groove is pressed in the lid. This creates an optimal closure.


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Technical specifications

Abmessungen (BxTxH):

Versandabmessungen :

Geöffnet, 30x35x40 cm
Geschlossen, 30x39x15 cm
40 x 30 x 15 cm
11 kg

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