MetalPack handsealmachine, type 290

MetalPack handsealmachine, type 290

Plastic and aluminium trays can be simply and effectively sealed with this machine. With heat-resistant foil you seal the various compartments of each tray. Thanks to the replaceable mould you can seal various types of trays. The heated sealing plate can be kept clean easily thanks to a non-stick surface. Thanks to the special sealing mechanism a strong sealing pressure is obtained with smooth operation. Because of this the machine can be operated quickly and easily.



Adapters (optional)

The maximum diameter of a foil roll for a standard machine is Ø 175 mm.
In order to make use of rolls with a larger diameter, up to Ø 210 mm, adapters have to be assembled. It is necessary to indicate this in advance when ordering the machine.

Needle roll (optional)

By default, every machine is delivered with a smooth pressure roll.
If desired the machine can also be delivered with a pressure roll that is equipped with needles. These see to it that the sealing foil is perforated.

Adapter plate

The adapter plate is an aluminium plate that should be placed on the lower frame. This plate is lined out with the lower frame on the outside and on the inside it is suited for the storage of a mould . An adapter plate is required if a mould is necessary, for which the tray has at most the menu dimensions (227 mm).


Moulds can only be manufactured after (a) drawing(s) and/or sample trays have been received. The mould should be placed on the lower table or the adapter plate. An adapter plate is required, for which the tray has at most the menu dimensions (227 mm). The lower side of the mould corresponds with the lower frame or the adapter plate, the upper side with the tray to be sealed. Each mould is equipped with a silicon rope that serves to support it at the right locations and also has an insulating function. For each type of tray a different mould is needed. The moulds can be exchanged easily.


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Technical specifications

Foil width:
Foil roll diameter:
Foil roll core diameter:
Operating temperature:
Dimensions (b x d x h):
1.7 kW
220 / 240 Volt – 50/60 Hz
7.2 Ampere
290 mm maximum
Ø 175 / Ø 210 mm maximum
Ø 76 mm
100 – 200 °C (adjustable)
opened: 40 x 50 x 51 cm
closed: 40 x 60 x 20 cm
Shipping dimensions:
Shipping weight:
66 x 48 x 30 cm
25 Kg

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