MetalPack sealing machine, type 240 C

MetalPack sealing machine, type 240 C

Sharp-edged sealing machine

Preferably you give your delicious products in beautiful scales and these are not always rectangular. It only becomes real chic when your sealing machine cuts off the foil perfectly along the edges. We have good news for you. The latest member of the family is the MetalPack Type 240 C, with automatic foil feed and contour knife.

Why do things the hard way?

It was never so easy to get a constant top quality of sealing. Our newest seal machine is full of smart options to make it easy for you. For example: the automatic foil feed, the easy-to-read touch screen and the fast changing moulds. And what do you think about a memory for temperature and foil length, associated with each particular mould? This machine guarantees a wonderful consistent result.



Ten good reasons

Our youngest top sealing machine makes sealing easier, more beautiful and gives a better quality.
We have made a top 10 for you from the main features:

  1. Faultless contour knife, supplies in any shape up to 240 x 190 mm
  2. Automatic foil feed, including cut-off foil residues
  3. Silicone profile on the lower mould for optimal pressure distribution
  4. The correct temperature and foil length for each mould for a constant quality of sealing
  5. No compressed air required
  6. Great closing force due to firm springs and unique curve system
  7. Fast changing of the upper- and lower mould
  8. Handles any tray of any brand that is suitable for top sealing
  9. Easy to clean thanks to streamlined casing
  10. And all this together in a compact and stainless steel bench model.

Universal usable

For every tray which is suitable for top sealing (and those within the working range) we can produce the moulds. With that the super solid Metal Pack Type 240 C is universal usable. You‘re curious? Please contact MetalPack, business unit of MetalTech, or your dealer.

Technical specifications

Power usage:
Foil width:
Film role diameter:
Film role core diameter
Operational temperature:
Tray size:
Machine dimensions (b x d x h):
Package dimensions (b x d x h):
Transport weight:

0,8 kW
220/240 Volt – 50/60 Hz
3,5 ampere
240 mm maximum
Ø 250 mm maximum
Ø 76 mm
50 – 200°C (adjustable)
240 x 190 x 80 mm maximum
46x40x57 cm
58x52x67 cm
40 Kg
approx. 360 cycles/hour

Photo impression