Where it concerns precision engineering with metal or synthetic material MetalTech promises more than you would expect from a classical supplier.
We form a flexible, reliable partner that can guide the whole process, from design and prototype to batch product.


Our clients often speak with our technical colleagues at an early stage. This provides an advantage in terms of time, knowledge and often, even costs. The first CAD/CAM drawings? Tips for functional improvement? A prototype? A mercilessly strict test phase? Assembly? Or ready-made bulk production… Whatever your demands, regardless of the phase we step in, MetalTech delivers top quality custom manufacturing.

We process the most divergent types of steel, but also non-ferrite and synthetic materials. Our parts find their place in hi-fi sets, medical apparatus, film cameras, cutting machines and car parts.


The urge for innovation is in our genes. Innovation in products, processes and as least as important: maintaining our knowledge. All specialized employees follow regular courses and training sessions, so that we can make the latest insights and technologies work for you. Renewal and quality control can also be found in the equipment we use.

Take for example our Kawasaki robot with vision system, which you can see in action here. This mechanical employee recognizes and processes the different parts on the basis of its own camera images. Or come and see our measuring room, where your order is checked within the strictest tolerances by calibrated measuring equipment.