Besides for the production of precise mechanical parts MetalTech has to uphold an image in mechanical engineering.
To be precise, Topsealmachines. For bulk or private consumption, fully manual or mostly automatic, our assortment has it all.

MetalPack Manual Sealing Machine, type 190

Wisdom is better than strength.   This compact MetalPack Type 190 therefore has a number of outstanding and excellent characteristics.

  • Film roll not behind but above the machine. That saves space!
  • Unique locking mechanism. With its light operation and high closing pressure, it is stronger than all other sealing machines in its class.
MetalPack hand closing machine, type 227

A machine that allows for the practically leak-proof closing of aluminium trays without needing electricity. The material does not rust, the bearings are self-lubricating and a convenient mechanism ensures that the operating force is multiplied by 50. Lightweight, easy to use and maintenance-free.

MetalPack Sealing machine, type 240 C

Preferably you give your delicious products in beautiful scales and these are not always rectangular. It only becomes real chic when your sealing machine cuts off the foil perfectly along the edges. We have good news for you. The latest member of the family is the MetalPack Type 240 C, with automatic foil feed and contour knife.

MetalPack hand sealing machine, type 290

This machine allows for simple and effective sealing of plastic and aluminium trays. With heat-resistant foil you can seal the different compartments of each tray. Thanks to the exchangeable moulds you can seal different types of trays. The heated sealing plate is easy to clean due to a non-stick coating, and this machine does not require brute force either.

MetalPack hand sealing machine, type 325

Do you use 1/2 Gastronome plastic of aluminium? Then this is the sealing machine for you.  Deployable in different places. Furthermore practically maintenance-free, thanks to the self-lubricating bearings and stainless parts. Due to its non-stick coating the seal plate can be easily cleaned and ensures a leak-proof sealing of the different compartments. The largest tray you can use measures 325 x 265 mm and various moulds can also be used with this machine.

MetalPack sealing machine, type 325 V/G

Our showpiece: keep your valuable foodstuffs in a protected atmosphere. With this semi-automatic sealing machine you can draw vacuum, put in protected gas and seal plastic and aluminium trays. In this way your foodstuffs will stay fresher longer and retain their colour. You can also seal menu-trays with a double mould. You can save all parameters (time, pressure and temperature) in the memory and thanks to the rapid release system the moulds can be exchanged with ease.