MetalPack sealing machine, type 325 V/G

MetalPack sealing machine, type 325 V/G

Keep your valuable foodstuffs in a protective atmosphere. Sealing machine, type 325 V/G is a semi-automatic machine for vacuuming, gassing and sealing plastic and aluminium trays who will be provided with a heat-resistant foil. In that way, foodstuffs stay fresh longer as well as retain their colours. The 1/2 Gastronorm tray (dimensions: 325 x 265 mm) is the largest tray that can be processed with this machine. Moulds can also be supplied double or multiple, at that the menu tray is the largest possible one. In case of a double mould the temperature of both zones can be set separately.

The machine is completed constructed of anti-rust materials, equipped with various safety devices and has an operating panel within reach. All parameters belonging to a mould (tray type) such as temperature, pressure and time, can be stored in the memory and, after replaced, be retrieved once again. The exchange system sees to it that the moulds can be exchanged easily and quickly. Compressor and vacuum pump are placed in the lower cabinet.




A mould consists of a set of lower and upper mould, which correspond with each other.
The lower mould consists of a bearing frame and a vacuum chamber. Both are adjusted to the tray to be sealed. Silicon profile on the sealing contour sees to insulation of the heat and an even division of pressure during the sealing process.
The upper mould consists of a vacuum chamber, a sealing head with heating and a contour knife.
For the production and testing of moulds you should supply a considerable amount of sample trays.


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Technical specifications

Foil width:
Foil roll diameter:
Foil roll core diameter:
Operating temperature:
Heating element:
Vacuum pump:
Operating range:
Dimensions (bxdxh):
Shipping weight :
3.5 kW
220/240 Volt – 50 Hz
15 Ampere
340 mm maximum
Ø 250 mm maximum
Ø 76 mm
100 – 180 °C (adjustable)
1.6 kW
Busch 20 m³
Maximum 325 x 265 x 80 mm (higher upon consultation)
200 – 600 cycles per hour
110x110x160 cm
160 kilos, excluding mould

* Depending on whether only sealing has to be done or the maximum of vacuum and gassing is required.

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